The Fabulous Feno

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Fab Feno MUSIC videos links:.

The following is a collection of videos featuring The Fabulous Feno, musician.


Feno sings “Senor Blues” @Ramses Restaurant, Essaouira, Morocco


Feno sings “Georgia” @Triskala (Essaouira)


Feno sings “All Blues” @Chez Flavio (Casablanca)


Feno sings “The Thrill Is Gone” (Casablanca)


Here are some SounCloud music tracks: (Live & Otherwise)


"Feni’s Bluez"_LIVE! @The Guitar Bar (keyboards & harmonica)


“Fever” LIVE with The Last Transaction Band


“500 Miles High” with Fantaysia (baby grand piano)


“If Anybody Feels Like Me” Live @Summerfest 2005


“You Betta Slow Down”_ LIVE @Summerfest 2010


Spaceman_Live @Summerfest 2005


"Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" (*Harmonica~"B & G Rhythm" album)!


“Did I Say That?” (guitar)


So You Thought I Was Just Clownin’ ‘Round..huh!” CD

“A Goal For The Soul” (synthesizers)


“So What Did You Expect” (keyboards, drums)


“Did I Say That?” (guitar)


“Almost There” (keyboards, drums)


“Just Thinkin’ About Cha’” (keyboards, drums)


“Waltz On Through” (keyboards, drums)


“Smakin’ Latin” (keyboards, drums)


“A Brother’s Song” (keyboards, drums)


“Journey Of The Wildebeest” (synthesizers)